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White Collar Defense & Investigations

Criminal Defense

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When contacted by criminal investigators, many people fear that getting an attorney involved indicates that they have something to hide.

That fear is dangerous and misplaced. When faced with potential criminal charges, contacting an attorney is the most reasonable response one can take in a criminal investigation. Once an investigation has begun, the advice of legal counsel is absolutely essential, regardless of the perceived level of criminal exposure.

The members of Godfrey & Kahn's White Collar Defense & Investigations team have a wealth of experience with law enforcement at both the state and federal levels. They have represented witnesses, subjects and targets of criminal investigations, as well as indicted defendants charged with a wide range of crimes. Our team members include several former prosecutors who know from personal experience how the government approaches criminal investigations and how it secures convictions. They understand how to communicate with investigators and prosecutors in a way that diffuses, rather than escalates, the tension that naturally results from a criminal case. Moreover, our team members possess the experience and training necessary to navigate the complex legal environment created by parallel criminal and civil proceedings.

Above all, our attorneys understand that strategic decisions must be made at each stage of an investigation and prosecution. A powerful and compelling case made prior to the indictment phase may persuade prosecutors not to file charges in the first place. In the event that criminal charges are unavoidable, our attorneys have the skill and judgment to assess whether, and on what terms, a negotiated resolution of the matter makes sense for the client. Finally, in cases that proceed to trial, our experienced trial lawyers mount a highly aggressive and effective defense.

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