We believe that our law firm, and the communities in which we live and work, must be committed to building a professional and cultural environment of inclusion. We have long embraced the principles of equal employment opportunity and recognize that promoting diversity is an integral component to our success as individuals and as a firm. We also believe that a diverse workforce improves our judgment and helps us to better understand our clients and our clients' needs. As the business community grows more diverse and increasingly global, we know that our commitment to diversity will enhance the quality of our work and our lives for the better of our employees and clients.

It is this commitment that drives the firm's Diversity Committee to foster our firm values like teamwork and a sense of integrity while promoting diversity in all facets of the firm's business. We know promoting diversity and inclusion starts within. We remain committed to recruiting our attorneys and staff from diverse backgrounds that reflect the varied circumstances of the clients and communities we serve and to partnering first with our minority-owned service providers through the firm's Supplier Diversity Program. We know that leadership is a key component to institute and maintain a diverse workforce and that is one of the reasons the firm instituted the Women's Leadership Forum, a vital firm resource that focuses on providing education and leadership opportunities to its female attorneys. Our commitment to diversity goes beyond the firm's doors. We provide scholarships to those in our diverse communities that are in need of financial support to advance their educational and leadership opportunities. We are active participants in numerous nonprofit community events for organizations that help serve our diverse communities in need.

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