Godfrey & Kahn adopted a Green Office Policy in November 2007. Our firm now engages in eco-conscious activities which include purchasing only Energy Star technology, setting all displays to go to sleep when inactive, eliminating paper for internal communication, converting to a paperless filing system, using bike messengers for downtown package deliveries and offering transportation subsidies to employees who use the bus or carpool.

In an effort to strengthen our ongoing commitment to environmentally conscious growth and expand green initiatives already in place, we established the Green@Godfrey Committee in 2009.

The Green@Godfrey Committee operates as a resource and advocate of environmental sustainability at Godfrey & Kahn. We facilitate the suggestion, consideration and practical implementation of green ideas and environmental volunteer efforts, recognizing the firm's need to provide high-quality legal advice and services in a cost-effective manner.

The mission of the Green@Godfrey Committee is to improve the quality of life for this and future generations and to help Godfrey & Kahn demonstrate its concerns, like those of our clients, about the environmental consequences of our business.

Led by John Clancy, shareholder and leader of our Environmental & Energy Strategies Practice Group, the committee is made up of members of our Management Committee, information technology, human resources, library information and records and marketing departments, as well as attorneys from our Real Estate, Environmental & Energy Strategies and Litigation Practice Groups.

We have assembled a team that can both drive our firm's environmental consciousness forward and use its members' collective innovation and institutional knowledge to ensure that our committee accomplishes its goals.