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The information in the following publications is based on the law as of the date of each document. While accurate as of the date of publication, this information may not be correct on a later date because laws and their interpretation change over time. These documents are not to be construed as legal advice. Individuals should consult with legal counsel before taking any action based on these principles to ensure their applicability in a given situation.

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August 27, 2015
Client Alert by Kelley Schacht Daugherty and David H. Patzer
August 18, 2015
Client Alert by Brian L. Pierson
August 13, 2015
Update by Jon E. Anderson Madison Office Managing Partner
August 04, 2015
Update by Rufino Gaytan III and Deborah Rehorst
August 03, 2015
Update by John L. Clancy, Arthur J. Harrington and Edward (Ned) B. Witte
July 20, 2015
Client Alert by Christopher M. Cahlamer, Ellen R. Drought, Carol A. Gehl and Susan M. Hoaglund


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