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Impact & Efforts

The impact of our diversity efforts can be seen within our firm, outside in our communities and in our long-standing relationships with those who support our efforts to embrace inclusion and promote diversity.

UW-Madison Law School Fellowship

In 2004, we established a fellowship at the University of Wisconsin Law School that provides a full, three-year scholarship each year to a student who participates in the Legal Education Opportunities (LEO) program, the umbrella group for minority law students of color at the University of Wisconsin. Fellowship recipients also receive mentoring from our attorneys and employment as a summer associate at the firm.

"Godfrey & Kahn offers a comprehensive fellowship program aimed at recruiting, mentoring and retaining minority candidates. To my knowledge, no other firm in Wisconsin provides such an outstanding program. Godfrey & Kahn impressed me with its dedication to creating a diverse work environment. The firm's offices have a positive culture that has taken years to cultivate. Individuals in all job categories are appreciated and respected. Young associates, including summer associates, are involved in important and complex projects. I was respected and appreciated during my summers at the firm."

C. Wade Harrison - former Godfrey & Kahn attorney and Fellowship Recipient​

Marquette University Law School Fellowship

In 2006, we established a fellowship at the Marquette University Law School to provide a full, three-year scholarship to an incoming first-year law student. Godfrey & Kahn and the law school mutually determine fellowship recipients, who also receive mentoring from our attorneys and employment as a summer associate at the firm.

Ashley Smith | Godfrey & Kahn"As I was preparing to attend law school I had the great pleasure of being selected as the Godfrey & Kahn Fellow for Marquette’s Law School Class of 2018. As a fellow, I was given the opportunity to spend the summer after my 1L as a summer associate at Godfrey & Kahn. Having this opportunity so early in my law school career was invaluable.

Going into my summer at the firm I was not quite sure what area of law I might want to practice. What I appreciate about the summer associate program at Godfrey & Kahn is that I received projects from a lot of different practice areas within the firm, which allowed me to really focus in on what my interests are. I definitely found practice areas that sparked my interest. I do not think I could have had this insight without my summer experience.

I have been able to take this insight and be very intentional about what experiences I seek out in law school. A discussion of my summer experience could not be complete without addressing the networking opportunities. As a summer associate, everyone at the firm is really invested in your success. You feel that from the moment you step into the building."

Ashley Smith - 2018 Marquette University Law School Fellowship Recipient

Legal Education Opportunities (LEO)

The firm is a regular contributing sponsor of the activities of the LEO organization. Each year the LEO Banquet celebrates the contributions of the University of Wisconsin Law School toward opening legal education to qualified students of all backgrounds and to diversifying the legal profession in Wisconsin, the nation and the world.

In 2018, the University of Wisconsin Law School recognized Godfrey & Kahn with the Trailblazer Award for our ongoing commitment to UW Law Students. 

Carmen High School of Science & Technology

Carmen High School is a college preparatory school with a liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes science and technology and requires students to intern at local corporations or nonprofit organizations. Carmen's mission is to ensure all students take college prep courses, become critical thinkers and self-directed learners, go to college, are prepared for meaningful careers and are involved in their communities. Carmen's Internship Program places students in a professional environment where they learn and apply entry level clerical skills and gain the personal and life skills necessary for a successful career. Godfrey & Kahn offers one to two internship opportunities each school year in support of this program.

Giving Back

Through sponsorship participation or dedication of countless pro bono hours, Godfrey & Kahn is proud to support community organizations who embrace diversity within the communities we serve.

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