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Women's Leadership Forum

Godfrey & Kahn's Women's Leadership Forum is a way for female lawyers in the firm to learn, share, and collectively effectuate positive change for the benefit of all lawyers, regardless of gender.

The Forum has a list of six specific objectives:

  • Identify current and new leadership opportunities for female lawyers at all professional levels throughout their career, both within and outside of the firm.
  • Foster leadership opportunities for firm role models in conjunction with the Attorney Advisory Program.
  • Provide venues for networking and professional development for female lawyers, both within and outside the firm.
  • Create an educational series on topics of interest that promote leadership development.
  • Evaluate firm policies, practices and programs that are related to the equitable use of benefits. Consider application of such policies to ensure uniform application to staff in a manner that promotes leadership development and the betterment of the firm.
  • Provide recommendations to the Management Committee and other committees on policies aimed at promoting attorney retention.


Corporate attorney Danielle Machata speaks about the firm's commitment to its Women's Leadership Forum, which promotes leadership, success and camaraderie for the women of Godfrey & Kahn.

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