Summer Associate Experiences

Madeline Schlederer

“When searching for my 2L summer job, I knew I was looking for something above and beyond a summer paycheck. I was looking for a place to lay the foundation for my future career. When strategizing the best place to lay that foundation, a few key goals remained rooted in the back of my mind.

I knew I wanted to return to Milwaukee, which, apart from being my hometown, is a vibrant city, evolving with new sights, tastes and sounds at a progressive rate. However, in addition to living in Milwaukee, I wanted to work in an environment that felt like Milwaukee—relatively large with a community that feels much smaller, where people work hard, but at the same time, remain personable with one another. At Godfrey & Kahn, that is precisely the environment I encountered. 

Although everyone was busy, attorneys still took the time to greet me in the hallway and to leave their doors open for advice or conversation. With every project I received, I was able to ask questions, obtain feedback and learn a great deal about the intricacies of completing projects for clients. This summer experience helped me not only lay a foundation in a great place, but also in an open and supportive working environment that truly encourages the growth of those working within it.”

Madeline Schlederer, Indiana University Law School, Juris Doctor Candidate, 2017

Edward Wallace

From my interview in D.C. to my last lunch in Milwaukee one year later, I saw that Godfrey & Kahn is committed to recruiting not just a talented summer class, but the firm's next generation of attorneys. The summer program gave me a chance to transfer my legal skills from the classroom to the office with support from the full range of the firm's staff, people invested in associates' development at the firm and in the community. That dual investment is unique among top law firms I look forward to keeping client service and community development—rather than reputational, zero-sum competition—the focus of my career. Being back at Georgetown for my final year has confirmed how fortunate I was to spend my summer with Godfrey & Kahn, where collegiality is the rule, not the exception.  

Ed Wallace, Georgetown University Law School, Juris Doctor Candidate, 2017

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