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"Milwaukee's #MeToo movement: Employers staying proactive" (Milwaukee Business Journal)

Milwaukee Business Journal
May 25, 2018

Me, too.

It's a short phrase, but perhaps no statement in recent times has packed the punch, conveyed so much and impacted such change — especially in the first few months of 2018 — as those two meager, single-syllable words.

As the viral social media movement has unfurled throughout the internet and shocking revelations of rampant sexual misconduct have come to light thanks to #MeToo, the campaign’s effects have been numerous and far-reaching.

While Hollywood has been forced to take a critical look at how it treats women in the film industry, small businesses and global corporations have had to do the same. Numerous prominent media figures have been ousted due to allegations of abuse. And many victims of sexual harassment and assault are now more emboldened to speak out than before.

And in the case of Milwaukee-based Beyond Vision, it is the #MeToo era — and the news stories that spiraled out of it— that spurred the organization to proactively take a fresh look at its policies and evaluate whether it was doing the maximum to create a culture where sexual harassment was unwelcome.

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