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Government Investigations, White Collar & Compliance

Internal Investigations

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When a company suspects wrongdoing in its own ranks, the most critical task is to find out the facts.

Only by knowing the facts can company management make good decisions on important issues, such as whether to report the wrongdoing to the government, whether to discipline the employees involved, what remedial action may be appropriate in response, and managing civil litigation that often arises in the wake of government investigations.

A team of attorneys at Godfrey & Kahn gives companies the ideal solution to conduct this fact-finding. We have more former prosecutors in our ranks than any other Wisconsin-based law firm. These attorneys know how to conduct a confidential, effective and efficient investigation to obtain credible results without unnecessarily disrupting your business.

Once we have discovered the facts, Godfrey & Kahn advises companies on whether and how to report the wrongdoing to the government. This decision is often a difficult one that benefits from the years of experience our attorneys have accumulated in dealing with myriad enforcement agencies at all levels of government.

If the government has initiated an investigation and the facts do not justify a negotiated disposition, or lead to civil litigation involving the company, the attorneys at Godfrey & Kahn are uniquely suited to mount a vigorous defense. Our attorneys have years of experience as government lawyers and years of subsequent experience as defense lawyers; accordingly, we know how to fashion the best available defense against government charges and civil claims that may be asserted by private plaintiffs. A business can trust Godfrey & Kahn to handle its most sensitive and critical matters that involve the complex intersection of litigation against the government and against private plaintiffs arising from related events.

Representative Experience

Investigated multi-million dollar kickback scheme perpetrated by in-house lawyer

Investigated alleged illegal reselling of prescription drugs by health care company

Investigated bribery and kickback scheme that allegedly occurred at Indian subsidiary of publicly-traded U.S. company

Investigated revenue booking improprieties by CEO and CFO of insurance plan

Conducted internal investigation of alleged misrepresentations in SEC filings by publicly-traded company

Conducted internal investigation on behalf of Board of Directors regarding criminal misconduct outside workplace by chief executive officer

Investigated bogus claim by insured regarding jewelry theft

Investigated alleged political corruption in the award of a municipal contract

Conducted an internal investigation of alleged accounting improprieties by the President and Chief Operating Officer of a public company

Investigated alleged overbilling by a natural gas supplier

Investigated allegations regarding an inappropriate relationship between the CEO and another executive at a public company

Investigated a whistleblower’s allegations regarding an alleged kickback scheme perpetrated by a director at the subsidiary of a publicly-traded company

Advised a public company in an internal investigation regarding internal audit issues and alleged retaliation against a whistleblower

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