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Environmental Liabilities in Real Estate Transactions

December 9, 2014
Country Springs Hotel

Topic: Minimizing Environmental Liabilities in Real Property Transactions A.Cleanup Liability under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and Other Laws 1.Bona Fide Potential Purchaser Defense 2.Contiguous Property Defense 3.Innocent Landowner Liability Defense 4.Lender Liability 5.Consistency with the NCP

B.Cleanup Liability under the Wisconsin Spill Law 1.Lease Letters 2.Lender Liability Clarification 3.Off-Site Contamination Liability Clarification 4.VPLE 5.Other Liability Clarifications/Determinations

C.Deed and Land Use Restrictions D.Using Corporate Structures to Minimize CERCLA Liability E.Ongoing Monitoring Obligations for Purchasers F.Tort Liability and Other Claims

Country Springs Hotel
Pewaukee, WI


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