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Making Company Compliance Second Nature: Doing the Right Thing is Legally Smart and Fiscally SoundLaFollette Godfrey & Kahn Spring Seminar Series

April 20, 2005 8:00 - 10:30 a.m.
Monona Terrace
Sound procedures help people do the right thing when their instincts fail them. In today’s business world, companies that lack a culture of compliance and well-defined procedures are at risk from within and without. If hit with a subpoena, complaint or investigation alleging wrong-doing, would your company spring into action, improvise or run for cover?

Hear from three experienced attorneys who help solve thorny problems, not just spot issues. They include corporate counsel with judicial and compliance experience at private and public companies, and a litigator with experience as an enforcement attorney for a federal agency. Topics will include:

  • Why compliance programs are vital for companies of all sizes and ownership types
  • How fraud and abusive behavior by mid-level managers can bring a company to its knees
  • How strong compliance procedures can benefit you in your dealings with banks, buyers, vendors, insurers and regulators
  • The true cost of ignoring everyday risks and delaying a compliance review
  • Creating a compliance strategy that won’t overwhelm the business
Company Compliance - MSBS 042005
Monona Terrace
One John Nolen Dr.
Madison, WI


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