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Working at Godfrey & Kahn

New Opportunities at Every Stage in Your Career

Godfrey & Kahn invests in its people. If you would like to put down solid roots to grow, we are a strong choice. You can build your career here and we want our people to stay for the long-term. We will help you take the next steps as your interests and skills evolve.

Starting Your Career

Whatever your role and team, you are part of the Godfrey & Kahn community from day one. Mentoring is an important part of our culture, so expect many opportunities to learn as you team up on challenging, high-profile work. Your career here won't be formulaic. It will be driven by your interests and the ownership you take of your work experience.

In addition, creativity is a core competency at the firm. Creativity helps us develop the best solutions for our clients and the most satisfying work and culture.


The Flexibility to Grow

Client-facing responsibilities early on? We believe in it.
Rewriting job descriptions to align with a team member’s growth? We do it all the time.

People join Godfrey & Kahn to learn and grow. As a midsize firm, we can offer opportunities in different practice areas or responsibilities outside your current role. We’ll help you create your own path for growth and support you on your journey. We value teamwork, not competition, because it helps us create better solutions for our clients and a more satisfying work environment.


Our Leaders Invest in Our People

Shape the firm and your future in an environment that values teamwork and trust. Godfrey & Kahn’s subjective compensation approach encourages you to elevate those around you through mentoring, collaboration, and shared decision-making. And, compensation isn’t the only incentive. Our partners view team member development as an investment in the continued growth of the firm.


Development Opportunities Aligned with Your Interests

Godfrey & Kahn provides an avenue for growth through personal development, including continuing education courses, conferences, professional licenses and certifications, membership in professional associations, and tuition reimbursement. When team members propose their own professional development ideas, they’re met with encouragement and financial support.

Benefits That Matter to You and Your Family

We offer benefits that matter to our team members and their families and provide real financial value. Some of our most popular benefits include:

  • flexible work arrangements

  • profit-sharing over and above a 401(k) plan and match

  • an annual bonus for everyone

  • dental and vision insurance in addition to medical

  • access to financial advisors for financial planning, retirement planning and investing

  • identity theft insurance

  • student loan refinancing

  • maternity/paternity leave

  • time off for volunteerism

  • discounts for local live entertainment and sporting events

Our benefit plans are flexible to accommodate everyone. Additionally, the firm's group health and dental benefits cover qualified domestic partners and their dependent children.

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