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Carol Gehl, Securities Team Shareholder, Discusses Success as a Shareholder

I know what it takes to become a shareholder at a large law firm. As a wife and mother I also know what it takes to raise a family. The Firm offered me the flexibility to do both. Even before it became popular, the Firm offered part-time and flexible schedules, which allowed me to advance my career while raising my children. That type of innovative thinking is what sets G&K apart and what allows us to help our clients and our people succeed. When I left the Securities and Exchange Commission, I was uncertain whether I could find a firm that would allow me to pursue a career advising mutual funds and investment advisers. Over the years, the Firm has given me the resources to develop and build the practice and today, our investment management practice is one of the largest in the Midwest.

Josh Johanningmeier, Litigation Team Co-Chair, Discusses Coming Aboard at Godfrey & Kahn

After practicing law in Minneapolis for two years, my fiance' and I were ready to move closer to home and start a family. It was important for me to find a firm in Madison that would welcome me as a junior associate, integrate me into its existing litigation team and provide me with support to grow the product liability practice I was already enjoying. While interviewing with Godfrey & Kahn, I met several associates and shareholders who were open to learning more about the areas of expertise I could offer and who were candid in response to my questions about the firm. It wasn't long before Godfrey & Kahn emerged as the clear choice. The move to Wisconsin went smoothly for me because the Firm acknowledged my previous work and provided the tools I needed to transition my career.

Brett Koeller, Corporate Team Co-Chair, Discusses Building Your Career

I believe the opportunities and resources available at G&K have provided me with an exceptional foundation on which to build my career as a transactional attorney. As a junior associate, I worked on complex acquisitions, divestitures, financing and other transactions side-by-side with our Firm's most talented shareholders and associates. These experiences have helped me develop drafting, negotiation and team-building skills that can only be taught through experience. Our Firm's emphasis on teamwork and the "open door" policy followed by all of our professionals makes our Firm a great place to learn and develop as a young attorney.

 Rebeca Lopez, Labor, Employment & Immigration Associate, Discusses Starting out at Godfrey & Kahn

When starting out as a new associate, it is important to develop a strong technical foundation. The attorneys at Godfrey & Kahn, including Senior Associates and Shareholders, have always taken the time to answer my questions regarding the area of law in which I am practicing, legal developments in our field and to share the insight they have developed during their years of experience. They are always willing to answer any questions I may have, and they provide new Associates the opportunity for training, mentoring, development, networking and community service. The people of Godfrey & Kahn create its culture. I would describe the firm's culture as one of integrity and inclusion that result in an atmosphere of collegiality that embraces new attorneys. In addition, the attorneys at Godfrey & Kahn are passionate about their clients, their work and their community. All of these things have come together to enable me develop the foundation for long-term success in my legal career.

Sara Lieungh, Legal Assistant, Discusses Being a Valued Member of a Team

I have been a secretary at G&K for over 20 years. During that time, I have had a chance to work with many of our attorneys and staff, including our founding partner, Dudley Godfrey. As Dudley Godfrey and Jerry Kahn built the Firm, I witnessed first-hand their passion for client service and teamwork and how it shaped the culture of the Firm. While Dudley is no longer with us, the culture he helped create through his passion for client service and teamwork is still with us today. Over the years, I have seen the firm adapt to the needs of its employees. I was able to work part-time while raising my children and return to work full-time when I was ready. They also have an internal training department that provides employees with opportunities to develop our individual skills. Overall, my dedication and commitment to the firm is valued and I look forward to the years ahead.



"Our goal is to provide the foundation and base a person needs in order to be a successful shareholder." Learn how Carol Gehl, Shareholder, was able to grow and develop her practice with support from Godfrey & Kahn.

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"The firm enables me to develop the foundation for long-term success in my legal career," Rebeca Lopez says. Learn more about her experience as a new associate with Godfrey & Kahn.


We invite you to meet Sara Lieungh, Legal Assistant, as she talks about the positive work environment for the professional staff of Godfrey & Kahn.

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