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FMLA in the new year

January 15, 2015

The start of the legislative season in Wisconsin is upon us.  This week a number of human resources professionals with a passion for government affairs and legislation got together to discuss policy and politics.  We discussed what this session of the legislature might look like with a Republican-controlled Assembly and Senate and a Republican Governor.

One of the noticeably aggravating areas of Wisconsin-specific employment laws is our very own family and medical leave law.  Wisconsin was ahead of the nation when it enacted its own family and medical leave act before the federal law.  When the federal law came along, however, Wisconsin did not repeal or conform its law to the federal law.  Now, Wisconsin human resources professionals are left with managing two laws with sometimes varied requirements.

For a summary of the differences between state and federal law, click here. Additionally, one of Godfrey & Kahn’sLabor & Employment Team members can also provide you with a presentation outline noting the differences and nuances.

The state of the law may all change, however, if Wisconsin legislators introduce legislation to do away with or otherwise conform Wisconsin’s family and medical leave law to federal law.  In recent legislative sessions, attempts have been made to conform Wisconsin law to federal law.  Expect Wisconsin businesses to push legislation repealing or conforming Wisconsin family and medical leave law to federal law this upcoming session.

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