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TGMP Special: "Proposed Tax Regulation - Section 2704" with Jamey Rappis & Jeff Billings

The Growth Minded Podcast
September 30, 2016

Special Notice for Family Business Owners: A new tax regulation could have a massive impact on your tax and succession planning. This is an issue that requires your attention before the end of the year.

In this special episode of The Growth Minded Podcast, host Todd McLees sat down with two subject matter experts — Jeff Billings and Jamey Rappis. Jeff and Jamey help you understand what you need to know in this 15-minute episode.

Most of the time we delve into issues with entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders. People who have insights into what it takes to scale a company. This particular episode is intended to benefit those of you that are on a path to, or have already grown substantial family-owned businesses.

It must be an important topic. In the past week, more than 15,000 people have watched the show on YouTube or downloaded the audio on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Who Is Impacted?

  1. If you have spent a portion of your life building a successful family business - dealing with everything that comes with the decision to do that
  2. If you envision transferring ownership of that business to your children, one day. Even a minority equity stake.
  3. If you have not put a plan in place that specifically addresses a tax regulation that may be finalized and take effect by January 1st. 

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