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Wisconsin ACES Quarterly Newsletter - December 2020

December 22, 2020

New Proposed Uniform Building Code Standards Fail to Require Accommodation for EV’s.

The International Code Council, in a recent meeting, failed to include three proposed changes which would have accommodated requests for wiring necessary for electric vehicle charging as an automatic feature in new building construction.  See “EVs Deal Major Blow in building code ruling.”   

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New Battery Technology Allows 10 Minute Charging for 300 mile range.

According to research published in a recent issue of Science, this new technology will revolutionize the electric vehicle market. The new technology combines black phosphorus in a layered structure combined with graphite and a polymer gel allowing lithium ions to be conducted in an efficient and quick manner between the layered structures.   

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Ninety Percent of U.S. Cars will need to be electrified to meet Paris goals by 2050.

With the recent election of Biden and his policy for the U.S. to recommit to the Paris Accords, such a commitment will have significant impacts on the electrification of the United States new vehicle fleet.  According to a study by the University of Toronto, 90% of the new car fleet in the United States would need to be EVs by 2050 to keep the United States to meet the transportation sector goals in the Paris Accord.  

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Adequate Charging Capacity Will Be THE Challenge for Electrifying Truck Delivery Fleets.

A recent article highlights a number of challenges to the announced goals of Amazon, Walmart and a number of other retailers to electrify the nation’s delivery fleets. These challenges include: (1) the slow pace of utilities to provide charging infrastructure and on demand capacity necessary for such charging; (2) the lack of national standards for interconnection capabilities for charging new trucks; (3) the complex, separate ownership structure of long haul and local logistics companies; and (4) adverse impacts of blackouts causing significant interruptions to the EV distribution network. 

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