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Contract Commercial Litigation

Contract & Commercial Litigation

We specialize in assisting businesses faced with contract disputes. Our experienced litigators are skilled in contract law, enforcement, interpretation, and limiting remedies to protect the interests of our clients.

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Contract Commercial Litigation

Resolving Complex Disputes with Precision

The core of our litigation practice is assisting businesses in commercial disputes, and the core of most disputes is a contract. Our litigators are well-versed in contract and commercial law and assist businesses in all aspects of contract and related business disputes, including:

  • commercial disputes over merger and acquisition agreements
  • supply contracts
  • Uniform Commercial Code rights
  • contracts for services
  • torts arising out of contracts, such as claims of third-party interference with contracts and misrepresentations made before the execution of a contract

We have assisted our clients in both enforcing contract terms and in seeking relief from them.

Due in large part to the strong commercial and transactional background of our firm, our litigators are extremely knowledgeable in contract law, including the interaction of contracts with applicable statutes and other laws, such as the Uniform Commercial Code, the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law, and various statutes governing corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. We understand the nuances of contract drafting and interpretation, and we focus on enforcing and limiting contract remedies.

Our lawyers author portions of Wisconsin’s leading treatise on contract law, and we have been at the forefront of litigating and defining Wisconsin's "economic loss doctrine," which substantially limits potential plaintiffs to bargained-for contract remedies, instead of punitive damages and other tort remedies that can be catastrophic to our business clients. We also assist businesses in obtaining emergency relief to enforce contract rights, forcing parties immediately to abide by contract terms to avoid potentially disastrous interruptions in supply chains or other vital business operations.

When a contract or other commercial dispute arises, our clients need experienced attorneys who can quickly, efficiently, and effectively assess the dispute and protect their business interests. Our litigation practice is uniquely positioned to do exactly that, not only in Wisconsin but also across the country and in tribunals throughout the world.

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