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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

We thrive in our environment where people can bring their full, authentic selves, and their unique skills and values to work. We want everyone to feel comfortable adding their voices to the conversation.

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Driven by Diverse Perspectives

This vision began with the firm’s founders, who understood that their different backgrounds and complementary strengths make us stronger together in serving our clients and communities. Early on, we recognized the opportunity to strengthen the firm and its people by seeking and supporting greater diversity of perspectives and experiences.

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is comprised of leaders of all of the firm’s committees to promote collaboration and ensure thoughtful ways of being more inclusive are infused across our work every day.

DEI is not an isolated initiative backed by a single department, it's a guiding principle impacting everything we do. Cultivating DEI in our workplace is a journey. We celebrate the successes, and we continue to evolve to improve ourselves and our profession.


We seek candidates with an array of diverse backgrounds and experiences. In all areas of the firm, we aim to have teams representing the communities we serve. We continually find ways to get to know one another and to appreciate every team member – this lifts all of us up.


Our inclusive culture makes people comfortable and want to stay, and we nurture it by:

  • Being mindful of equitable opportunities for advancement in whatever role team members have at work and in the community
  • Being intentional about bringing people across the firm together as part of teams and committees to build stronger connections
  • Supporting affinity groups and their goals for fostering connections, camaraderie, and a more inclusive workplace
  • Redesigning our workspace to celebrate and promote collaboration

We offer a wide array of benefits and professional development to give people choices in the opportunities and resources they find most meaningful.

Community Outreach

Firm founder Jerry Kahn often said, “You have to find your passion in your neighborhood.”

Our people do that every day, and they are deeply supported by the firm. We also focused on growing diversity in our client base and suppliers as we strengthen and broaden our connection to our communities.

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Building the Pipeline

Our vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion extends beyond our doors to the legal profession as a whole.

We are invested in strengthening the legal community in Wisconsin. We're ensuring talented people with varied perspectives and experiences have opportunities to enter the profession.

Diversity Fellowship Program

Since 2007, the firm has invested $2 million in full-ride law school scholarships, mentoring, and summer experience for nearly 40 students with unique backgrounds and the talent to shine. Our program grew from the firm’s vision for a more diverse legal profession and our partnerships with the University of Wisconsin and Marquette University law schools. Each year at least six students participate in this program.

Corporate Work Study Program

Since 2009, we have partnered with Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and Carmen High School of Science & Technology, schools serving students from families with limited financial means and known for their innovative work-study programs. Students are immersed in a variety of our teams throughout their school-year internships. The mentoring and insights high school students gain through this real-world experience helps shape their interests and direction for the future.

All-In Milwaukee

Starting in 2020, the firm made a commitment to sponsor students in this comprehensive college completion program. All-In Milwaukee is strengthening the region by providing financial aid, program, and career support to help limited-income students graduate and find their future in the Greater Milwaukee workforce.

Amazing Shake Program, Milwaukee College Prep

Our volunteer judge roles fill quickly each year for this innovative national program. In preparation for this speed-dating-style competition, students learn and polish their professional skills, from a good handshake to “working the room.” We love giving students the chance to put their skills to the test and having conversations that may open their eyes to new roles and career paths.

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Kimberly Thekan

Kimberly P. Thekan

Chief Operations Officer

We’re recruiting talented people from diverse lived experiences and backgrounds, and we’re fiercely intentional about creating opportunities for people to build strong relationships with each other and become comfortable sharing their ideas. It’s led to a culture of inclusion that continues to flourish organically.