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Technically Challenged by Cybersecurity Risk Management?

December 31, 2016

Once more into the breach, dear friends?

Target,, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and the Internal Revenue Service are all organizations that have made headlines for major breaches of sensitive customer, client, or employee data. In a world where it can seem as if hackers hold the upper hand, how can you protect your clients and their data?

In Technically Challenged by Cybersecurity Risk Management? learn how you can implement effective cybersecurity risk management strategies at your firm – and how your clients can improve their own cybersecurity efforts.

Secure sensitive information

Receive an overview of current and evolving legal standards for security compliance under the HIPAA Security Rule, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and other state and federal laws. In addition, discover best practices for cybersecurity risk management, including:

  • Advice for integrating security risk management into existing enterprise risk management programs
  • Tips for harmonizing institutional policies
  • Techniques for vendor management
  • Methods for evaluating insurance coverage

Help clients counter cyber threats

Cybersecurity is a critical priority for all businesses. Your clients depend on you to advise them on the legal liabilities of a data breach. Attorneys also play a vital role in bridging the gap between information technology staff and key decision makers in a client’s organization. Learn how to effectively educate and train boards of directors and senior leaders about their legal responsibilities regarding security risk management.

Step into the breach

By incorporating appropriate protections in your firm, you can secure your clients’ private information and also be an example of good cybersecurity risk management to your clients. Technically Challenged by Cybersecurity Risk Management? shows you how. 

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