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You Have Been Breached! An Interactive Incident Response Simulation

May 8, 2018 3 - 5 p.m.
New Berlin Ale House


  • Bill Sherer, Manager: Incident Response
  • Brad Lutgen, Partner: Security and Compliance
  • Mark Shelhart, Director: Incident Response and Forensics

About the presentation

What will you do? Follow your Incident Response Plan? What if there is no IR Plan? Is your IR Plan current? If not, where do you start? How effective is your plan? Have you considered every possible variable? What will you do first? Will it work? How do you get your organization back to an operational status? Who should be helping you, and when? Will your organization remain in business?

Join ISSA Wisconsin and Sikich on Tuesday May 8, 2018 from 3-5p. Brace for the ride! In a fast paced two-hour window, You along with your Team will actively engage a live Security Breach Incident and attempt to identify the best course of action hopefully allowing your organization to survive!

You cannot survive this task on your own. We will provide You and your Team with Security Experts focused on Incident Response, Law Enforcement agents, Legal Experts, your Insurance Company and of course, The Hackers! Your Expert Panel is present to consult for guidance, just as in a real life event, but remember the decisions for the course of action are yours! You drive the outcome.

New Berlin Ale House
16000 West Cleveland Avenue
New Berlin, WI


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