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WISP it Good: Composing a Data Security Plan

August 17, 2017

In its 1980 hit song “Whip It,” the American new wave band Devo espoused a certain sunny optimism for overcoming problems that life may send your way. That catchy tune continues to speak to us today as we grapple with contemporary business problems. Atop the hit list of most urgent business threats is the growing crescendo of data security risk.

When it comes to managing data security, many in business hit a flat note. To be honest, most businesses do not treat data security as a priority. Perhaps it’s the perceived expense involved. Maybe it’s a fear of the unknown. As with all business risks, there is a judgment to be made — whether or not to roll the dice and chance it. Normally the law allows a business to make this type of judgment, but that’s no longer the case with data security.

For every business, there is now a law in the United States that requires the business to secure any non-public third-party data that it possesses. The law may be in the form of a state or federal statute, or in the nature of a common law obligation as determined by an applicable court. In all cases, data security is no longer a business choice, but rather a legal obligation.

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