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Technology has increasingly become a vital component in the provision of financial services.

When implemented properly and responsibly, the marriage of technology and financial services allows for unprecedented efficiencies and customer conveniences.

As is the case with any new advancements, care must be taken to appropriately structure and document these relationships, as well as to navigate the complex regulatory environment where these two areas intersect.

Our FinTech team offers clients strategic and practical advice in creating mutually beneficial relationships between traditional financial services providers and existing and emerging software technology companies.

We provide advice and counsel to FinTech providers and financial institutions implementing FinTech solutions in a variety of areas:

Agreement Design and Negotiation

We advise FinTech firms in structuring master agreements, service descriptions, service level agreements and business requirements documents, as well as represent both financial service providers and FinTech firms in the negotiation of these complex agreements with vendor, service provider and customer counterparties.

Regulatory Compliance

We assist financial services providers and FinTech firms navigate the complex regulatory landscape in which these entities operate.

Data Security

We provide specialized expertise regarding the protection and privacy of customer data and developing appropriate remediation and response plans to mitigate data security breaches.

Intellectual Property

We advise clients in understanding and protecting intellectual property rights attendant with technological advances in the financial services industry, which is key to building and preserving franchise value.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We represent both financial service firms in acquiring in-house FinTech solutions to enhance their product offerings, as well as FinTech companies in both vertical and horizontal growth opportunities.

Capital Markets

We represent financial service firms and FinTech companies in raising the capital necessary to implement solutions, provide for future growth, and take advantage of strategic opportunities as they arise. We also assist investors in FinTech companies with regulatory due diligence reviews.

Strategic Planning

We assist clients in understanding emerging technologies and in undertaking strategic planning to adopt and implement technologies that will help clients achieve competitive advantages and long-term success.

Product Development

We advise FinTech clients on the legal implications of developing and implementing new products and services that will complement or enhance existing offerings.

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Gilpin, Brian G.

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Murphy, Patrick S.

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Sargent, Sarah A.

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