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We focus on each client's business objectives.

Godfrey & Kahn has extensive knowledge and experience in protecting the intellectual property rights of our clients' mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer- and biomedical-related inventions. We guide our clients in recognizing protectable rights, formulating strategies to obtain, protect and commercialize their intellectual property, and enforce and defend their rights.

We focus on each client's business objectives, whether they aim to protect intellectual property to attain or maintain industry leadership, establish exclusivity in a market niche, increase company value or desire other counsel.

Mechanical Devices

Our clients include large manufacturers, small startup companies and individuals seeking to protect mechanical inventions. Historically, the most common type of invention is mechanical in nature and the category covers everything from the large industrial machines to the small fasteners without moving parts. We have extensive experience with inventions spanning the range of possibilities. Our lawyers have prepared and prosecuted patent applications covering manufacturing systems, material handling and processing systems, fluid-based devices and systems, robotics, printing systems and equipment, molding systems and equipment, internal combustion engines, automotive parts and systems, ignition systems, charging systems, lawn mowers, power tools, appliances, dispensers, bicycles, sporting goods, toys, and printed articles.

Electrical and Computer-Related Technology

Electronics and computers are a rapidly expanding area of innovation that includes electrical, electronic- and computer-related inventions. Godfrey & Kahn provides a full range of services to clients engaged in these complex technologies.

Drawing on direct industry experience and knowledge, our attorneys have prepared and prosecuted patent applications covering communications systems and equipment, computer hardware and software, electro-mechanical control systems, robotics, ignition systems, charging systems, semiconductor devices, analog circuits, digital circuits, microprocessors circuits, hybrid components, oscillator circuits, memory and logic systems, power supplies and systems, power supply conditioning, and optical systems.

Biomedical and Medical Devices

The firm's intellectual property services for biomedical and medical devices help our clients meet challenges that arise throughout an invention's life cycle. Biomedical devices, such as prosthetic implants, by their nature involve understanding of both biological systems and operational mechanics. Our lawyers have experience with these types of cases including those involving medical imaging equipment, radiation treatment equipment and patient monitoring systems.

International Protection

Godfrey & Kahn provides our clients with the highest level of domestic and international intellectual property protection by enforcing and defending their rights in patent offices and courts throughout the world and assists them in intellectual property strategic planning and portfolio management. We also are experienced in both licensing and contract negotiation covering a broad range of mechanical, electrical and biomedical systems and technology. With experience and substantive knowledge of current advances in engineering and science, we support our clients as they drive toward new frontiers of mechanical, electrical and biomedical technology.

As a necessary extension to our United States patent practice, our firm has strong working relationships with an extensive international network of foreign associates, enabling patent applications to be filed and prosecuted efficiently throughout the world. Currently, we maintain large international patent portfolios for several of our clients.

Management & Development of IP Assets

Godfrey & Kahn's Intellectual Property Group advises clients on the overall management and development of their intellectual property assets. We provide creative, cost-effective strategies for our clients to achieve their specific business objectives, and we work to establish and maintain effective programs for identifying and patenting key inventions.

Godfrey & Kahn has extensive experience providing strategic advice on the development of patent portfolios and the exploitation of technologies through licensing. This includes negotiating and preparing sophisticated patent license agreements, as well as structuring, drafting and negotiating agreements relating to product development, professional services, joint ventures and strategic alliances for patents, software and other technology-related products and services.

In conjunction with our corporate attorneys, our Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Group counsels clients regarding the use, structure, management, transfer and protection of technology and intellectual property assets in a wide variety of corporate, venture capital and merger and acquisition transactions.

Litigation Support

Our team reviews potential litigation risks and suggest paths to avoid litigation. Our counsel regularly calls for the preparation of opinions regarding scope, validity and enforceability of patents. Such opinions are regularly issued in respect to litigation risks, often discovered through acquisition-related due diligence investigations conducted by our team.

In the event our clients find it necessary to enforce a patent or defend against alleged infringement, we rapidly coordinate an experienced litigation team to vigorously represent our clients. The legal and technical experience of our firm's attorneys, paralegals and staff ensures that our clients' unique litigation needs will be efficiently and competently met.

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