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Labor, Employment & Immigration

Unfair Competition, Confidentiality & Other Restrictive Covenant Agreements

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Our Labor, Employment & Immigration Law Practice Group helps companies develop, enforce and evaluate non-disclosure, non-solicitation, non-competition and anti-employee raiding covenants that are included in employment agreements, in stand-alone agreements, or as a condition of bonus or equity grants. Our attorneys are well versed in Wisconsin law governing these agreements and we are uniquely positioned to advise on enforcement matters in light of Wisconsin’s hostility towards restrictive covenants. We are also experienced in evaluating the unique issues presented by other state and international laws governing restrictive covenants.

We work to create customized policies and strategies for our clients to provide the maximum possible protection for valuable corporate information and customer relationships. We work with clients to create a pro-active strategy to prevent the loss of information and valued customer relationships when employees leave employment.

We also assist employers in the hiring process by reviewing a candidate’s potential restrictions and advising regarding next steps and best practices while onboarding the employee.

Our services include:

  • Counseling employers regarding effective employment policies designed to inform employees of their duties and obligations, including maintaining the confidentiality of valuable company information.
  • Creation of enforceable non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements for key employees and executives.
  • Evaluating the enforceability of existing agreements on behalf of companies and executives.
  • Pre-litigation investigation and counseling related to possible trade-secret or breach-of-fiduciary-duty claims, including use of computer forensics and other methods to obtain critical evidence.

But planning alone is not enough. Companies must be prepared to act quickly to enforce employment agreements and protect proprietary trade secrets and confidential business information before lasting damage is done. As a result, the Labor, Employment & Immigration Law Practice Group is part of the firm’s Non-Competition & Trade Secrets Practice Group and partners with attorneys throughout the related practice groups to quickly commence an enforcement action or respond to petitions for injunctive relief.

Peter Albrecht

Albrecht, Peter L.

Annie Eiden

Eiden, Annie L.

Green Bay
John Haase

Haase, John A.

Green Bay
M. Scott  LeBlanc

LeBlanc, M. Scott

Rebeca López

López, Rebeca M.

Aaron McCann

McCann, Aaron P.

Green Bay
Katheryn Mills

Mills, Katheryn A.


Blog Posts

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