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Godfrey & Kahn has represented numerous national clients in some of the most significant merger matters in recent years, often involving multistate reviews by large numbers of state attorneys general.

This practice area complements a broad antitrust and consumer protection practice that includes not only mergers and acquisitions, but also government investigations, civil and criminal litigation and everyday counseling for both large corporations and smaller growing companies alike.

Our team of former government lawyers has successfully resolved antitrust and consumer protection matters for clients on a national basis. We have guided clients not only through substantive antitrust and consumer protection issues, but also the sometimes difficult state-specific issues such as ensuring confidentiality of sensitive business information before, during and after government investigations – investigations that often involve multiple state enforcement agencies. In most cases, we have collaborated closely with other antitrust counsel from large national firms.

Our antitrust work is complemented by the firm’s long history and reputation as excellent “deal” attorneys, class action litigators and skilled practitioners in the details of specialized areas such as Hart-Scott-Rodino (HSR) compliance.

Michael Apfeld

Apfeld, Michael B.

Nina Beck

Beck, Nina G.

Daniel Flaherty

Flaherty, Daniel T.

Emily Fons

Fons, Emily K.

David Gilles

Gilles, David J.

Special Counsel
Nicholas Kees

Kees, Nicholas A.

Kevin O'Connor

O'Connor, Kevin J.

Allison Reimann

Reimann, Allison W.

Brian Spahn

Spahn, Brian C.


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Representative Experience

Represented third-party Fortune 500 company involved in the proposed Sysco – US Foods merger involving numerous state enforcers

Represented a very large technology company in an investigation by thirteen state attorneys general alleging violations of Section Two of the Sherman Act

Represented a number of Fortune 200 companies in the cable and telecommunications arena with respect to prospective mergers, interfacing primarily with dozens of state enforcers

Represented large health care insurer in litigation with large health care provider involving allegations of violation of Section One of the Sherman Act

Represented Northwest and Delta Airlines in clearing merger reviewed by over two dozen state attorneys general

Represented Google in its proposed acquisition of Yahoo, reviewed by thirteen state attorneys general

Represented Midwest Airlines in its sale to TPG, obtaining clearance from the Antitrust Division

Represented a Puerto Rican ice cream distributor in litigation against Nestle’s Inc. in federal court in Puerto Rico

Appointed as special prosecutor and lead trial counsel by the Idaho Attorney General in seminal antitrust case alleging anti-competitive acquisition by large hospital system, FTC and State of Idaho v. St. Luke’s Health System

Represented Ticketmaster in its acquisition of Live Nation, reviewed by numerous state attorneys general

Represented First Group in its acquisition of Laidlaw International involving school buses, reviewed by over a dozen state attorneys general

Represented IOD in its acquisition by HealthPort, obtaining clearance from USDOJ

Regularly conduct antitrust compliance training for dozens of national companies in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, health insurance, distribution and marketing, and trade associations

Conducted a antitrust audits and related compliance training for several companies including a multi-national Fortune 200 company involving all facets of the company’s operations, including sales, marketing, strategic planning, diversity initiatives, and top management.

Analyzed competitive impact of merger scenarios for a multi-national Fortune 100 company related to a bankruptcy that reshuffled several international markets

Represented Oracle in its acquisition of PeopleSoft involving over twenty state attorneys general offices

Conducted an antitrust audit and related compliance training of a large electrical parts distributor with co-ownership interest in a competing distributor

Persuaded the U.S. Department of Justice to drop a criminal bid-rigging investigation targeting the CEO of a U.S. manufacturing company.

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